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  • A Manager’s Guide to Creating Trust in the Office

    Trust is vital if you’re looking to create a group of personnel that works together amicably and productively. Employees who have trust in you as a manager and in your company as a whole will be motivated to ensure that it prospers. A trusting relationship is built and maintained at work step by step with each action you take. It’s cemented with every interaction you have with a staff member. Trust can be a fragile thing, but over time it can be strengthened. Continue reading

  • How to Stop Being Lazy and Boost Your Small Business with Kaizen

    As a small business owner, you'll no doubt find yourself setting new goals and challenges on a regular basis. But just as often, you fail to achieve those goals or neglect to meet the challenges. You end up telling yourself that you're not ready yet and that you'll do it tomorrow. Or next week. Perhaps next year?

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  • How Will a No Deal Brexit Impact Your UK Business?

    Britain has been granted a Brexit delay until 31 October. Prime Minister May had originally hoped for a much shorter delay until 30th of June. Her hopes were dashed when EU leaders rejected her proposal.


    Theresa May now has six months to persuade Parliament to agree to her deal. But so far, the Brexit standoff has proven to be unbreakable, with MPs thrice refusing to agree to her deal.

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  • Your Guide to the End of Year Office Party

    It’s that time of year again. You’re expected to socialise with work colleagues who you normally only see over at the copy machine. So how on earth are you going to spend an entire evening with them? Relax. Our guide will have you chatting away with the person from human resources and maybe even having a meaningful conversation with your boss. We’ll give you guidelines about how to break the ice, avoid any awkward situations and leave a great impression.

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  • Can the Office Environment Be Perfect for All Your Employees?

    In any office, there's always something that staff love to complain about. It can be the temperature, uncomfortable seats, or not enough space. According to a recent study, about 80% of office workers claimed that the situation in their place of work prevented them from achieving their highest levels of productivity. This includes collaborating with their colleagues, and the sharing of their ideas.

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  • 8 Practical Steps to Starting a Successful Online Business

    Starting your own online business has never been easier, or cheaper than it is today. With a laptop, a good Internet connection, some time, and a great business idea, you can be earning money within a matter of days. But like every commercial venture, launching your products or services online should follow a well-planned process. This article explains that process, and with the help of our eight practical steps, you can get your business online in next to no time at all.

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  • Understanding the Impact of Office Design on Employee Wellbeing

    A research programme conducted by the Interdisciplinary Centre for Healthy Workplaces at the University of California, Berkeley showed that people prefer environments that fulfil their basic needs as human beings. This includes our workspaces, which is probably why more and more companies are paying attention to their office layouts. By adopting modern designs meant to improve the working experience, companies have found they can grow in-house talent, and increase productivity in the workplace.

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  • 3 Ways to Make Money With a Blog

    If you're already blogging and not making money, or you've thought about blogging in the past, then you might be curious about how it all works and how people are getting paid just for writing articles online. Today, we'll be sharing a few ideas about how you too can make money with a blog.

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  • Why Employees Shouldn't Be Worried About Location-Aware Apps

    Nowadays, almost everyone is tech savvy to some extent. We all understand that our personal data is on the internet. We acknowledge the fact, and we enjoy getting a lot of value from online communities and services. For a lot of those services we actively authorise mobile apps access to our locations:

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  • 9 Insider Tips for Solo Entrepreneurs

    Many of us would love to be our own boss at some point in our life, but getting there, (and staying there,) can be harder than most people think. Even the most successful business will have started off small, and the initial struggle to get it to grow was probably enormous. Of all the skills and traits that can help a solo entrepreneur make it to the top, discipline is the most valuable. Only self-discipline allows the creation of a healthy balance between personal and business life. Continue reading

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