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  • Senato Chopin Executive Office Desks & Furniture

    We sell a huge range of executive desks, executive office chairs and executive office furniture, we stock many leading brands and also have a wide variety of designs exclusive to us. One of those exclusive ranges is the Senato Chopin collection, the Chopin office furniture range is manufactured by Senato renowned for manufacturing heavy duty, high quality office furniture with italian style high lacquer finishing.

    The Senato Chopin collection consists of an executive office desk, a tall executive bookcase, a storage cupboard and a meeting room table or small boardroom table.

    The executive desk is gloriously finished in a combination of high lacquer white (or green) and a high lacquer wood effect. The high lacquer finish has been specially formulated and tested to reduce the likelihood of getting scratched. The chunky legs and panels not only provide a solid base to support the heavyweight desk top they have also been carefully curved to give the desk a real executive look and feel. The executive desk top also features an integrated writing pad, ensuring writing remains smooth even when using just a single sheet of paper.

    The Senato Chopin collection also consists of a stylish executive bookcase which provides plenty of storage for files, folders and stationary, the upper section of the bookcase features glass inserts enabling the bookcase to be used as a display cabinet also. The Senato also manufacture a lower storage cupboard which is useful for those who wish to put something on top of the storage unit such as a coffee machine.

    If you require any further info on the Senato Chopin executive office furniture collection or any of our other office furniture products please contact our sales team for further information.

  • Sandhurst Isabel Solid Wood Executive Desks & Executive Office Furniture

    Here at Order Office Furniture we sell all types of office desks, office chairs and other types of office furniture but we specialise in executive office desks and executive office furniture. The Senato Isabel collection is one of the latest additions to our website, as with all office furniture from Senato the Isabel features Italian styling and solid build quality.

    The Isabel collection consists of an executive desk and an executive bookcase, both models are constructed from solid timber which has been gloriously finished with a high lacquer coating.

    The Senato Isabel office desk features a stunning curved design, with other design features including cable management, specially designed writing pads and a sliding keyboard tray. The chunky desk really is built to last, the solid wood construction means that this is not a desk which will last for months or years but for decades or generations. The front panel of the desk features an aesthetical design which has been hand crafted giving the executive desk a truly unique appearance.

    Senato also manufacture a matching executive bookcase.

    Like the executive desk the bookcase features solid wood construction, with matching aesthetics. The upper section of the executive bookcase features glass inserts in the door enabling the bookcase to be used as a display cabinet if desired.

    If you have any queries regarding this range of office furniture or any of our other products please contact our sales team via telephone or email.

  • Sandhurst Heraclea Executive Desks, Chairs & Other Office Furniture

    Sandhurst are a leading manufacturer of premium office furniture and executive office furniture, we sell around 200 Sandhurst products and they are becoming a firm favourite with our customers. Sandhurst have recently launched numerous new product ranges, the Sandhurst Heraclea collection is one of our favourite Sandhurst product ranges to date. The Heraclea range is made up of numerous executive desks starting at 2m in width and going up to 3.6m in width.

    As with all of the Sandhurst executive office furniture collection the Heraclea models share the characteristics of good design, quality raw materials and stylish aesthetics. The range consists of quality executive office bookcases, storage cupboards, luxury office chairs and office desks.

    The styling takes influence from some designs found in other countries such as the USA, the heavy duty designs look like they have come straight out of the Whitehouse. The unique designs are certain to impress staff and visitors and if you intend to use it as a home office desk it will be certain to impress family members and friends.

    We offer free delivery on all of our products but we also offer an installation service on Sandhurst office desks, we will come to your premises dismantle and take away your old office furniture if desired and you can have your brand new Sandhurst office furniture professionally installed. If you would like further information on this or any of our other products or services please contact our sales team for further information.

  • Creating the Perfect Workspace Environment with Our Executive Office Furniture

    The quality of an office environment is important to all businesses, a good office & workspace environment results in staff members working harder and therefore an increase in productivity. Each staff member should have adequate storage and space to enable them to carry out their jobs efficiently, failing to do this can cause major issues as staff members argue over these issues rather than concentrating on their role. A comfortable office chair is also essential for an efficient working environment, but this area must be treat with caution as supplying some members of staff with an executive office chair can result in alienating or frustrating staff members who have an inferior office chair.

    Office furniture is certainly an important feature of a good working environment but another area which needs to be carefully considered is lighting. A good office workspace should have a good blend of natural lighting in addition to ceiling lights, a well lit office looks more impressive when clients visit and reduces eye strain and tiredness in staff.

    Plants are something whcih can often be overlooked in an office environment but they can provide numerous benefits, plants have an obvious aesthetical benefit but also clean and purify the air. Some of our suppliers offer quality indoor wooden plant pots that match our executive desks and other types of executive office furniture.

    The decor of an office can make a difference also, different colour walls can have different physcological effects. Another important consideration is a staff area away from their desks, allowing staff a different space allows them to refocus during a break thus ultimately improving concentration and productivity.

  • Sandhurst Delphi Executive Office Desks & Boardroom Tables

    Sandhurst are one of our leading suppliers, they have recently launched a vast new product range adding even more high quality executive office desks and meeting room furniture to their extensive product collection. The new Sandhurst Delphi collection is made up of heavyweight products finished in natural high quality real wood veneers. Like the Sandhurst Actium range of executive office furniture we featured in the blog a couple of weeks ago the range comprises of executive office desks, executive office chairs, office storage solutions and a meeting room table.

    When compared with current executive desks on the market the Sandhurst range represents superb value for money, the heavy duty designs are a breath of fresh air when compared with the lightweight desks which make up the majority of the UK market. We will be displaying some of the Sandhurst office furniture at the Grand Designs Live show at the Birmingham NEC in October 2012.

    If you need any assistance with space planning or would like the help of our team to help you create the perfect office environment please contact our sales team. Our staff have been trained to listen to your needs and will be able to work with you to find a desk, office chair and storage solutions which satisfy and exceed your expectations.

  • Getting the Most Out of Your Office Desk & Other Office Furniture

    Here at Order Office Furniture we supply a huge range of office furniture products including desks, executive office desks, office storage solutions and quality office chairs, however we thought we would share a bit of our knowledge to help you get the most out of your office furniture.


    Its all well and good having large executive desks but without gadgets and accessories it will lack personality, take a look at this office furniture blog which has loads of great office accessory ideas.

    We are paricularly impressed with the mini desk vacuum cleaner and the USB desktop charging station.

    sk Vacuum Cleaner

    Cleaning & Maintenance

    Maximise the life of your office furniture by cleaning your desks & chairs. Office chairs in particular can be maintained with the required care and attention.

    Many companies are beginning to insist on clean desk policies, arguing it increases productivity and reduces the chances of sensitive information leaving the office. We are not too sure about this but we can tell you it is important to use the correct cleaning products for your office furniture, this is particularly important when you are looking at purchasing or cleaning an executive office desk, meeting room table or boardroom table or luxury office storage units.

    If the idea of a clean office desk policy is not persuading you to keep your desk clean and tidy then maybe these office furniture problems may give you more compelling reasons. The harmful bacteria which can cause illness epidemics in the workplace can be eradicated simply by giving your office a good clean every now and then.

  • Sandhurst Actium Executive Office Furniture

    Here at Order Office Furniture we stock a wide range of office furniture products from a large variety of manufacturers and importers, Sandhurst are one of our most popular office furniture suppliers and they have now launched an extensive range of new products.

    The Sandhurst Actium collection is made up of a choice of 5 models, the range consists of a large executive desk, a large office storage bookcase, a storage cupboard and a choice of either a high back or low back executive office chair.

    The Sandhurst Actium executive desk is a large, solid desk suited to commercial office environments or larger home office environments. The imposing desk is certain to make a powerful impression on anybody who sees it. The durable construction ensures that the desk will remain sturdy and robust even after years of use.

    The other products in the Sandhust Actium collection are equally impressive, the ultra wide and tall bookcase is perfect for storing masses of files, folders and stationary tidily. The storage cupboard provides an impressive amount of storage despite relatively compact dimensions. The two executive chairs feature real leather finishes with a choice of having a high back with headrest or lower back option.

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