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  • Features to Look for in a Quality Office Chair

    When the average business professional calculates the amount of time spent sitting behind a desk, they are usually astonished at the results. An individual who works 40 hours per week will end up spending an average of 1900 hours at the office each year, and that accounts for a lot of time sitting at the computer. If those long hours are spent in a poor quality office chair, you can expect to experience common issues such as lower back pain, leg issues and tense muscles. Continue reading

  • How to Ensure a Faster Office Network

    These days no matter what type of industry you are in, you connect with your customers, clients and business partners in some way or another by using the World Wide Web. For that reason, a fast office network is essential for any company who wants to meet the demands of their customers in a quick and efficient manner. To make sure that your office network is operating as fast, smooth and securely as it should, there are several devices that you will need to have as part of your network setup. Continue reading

  • How Technology has Changed Today’s Office Environment

    The typical office environment has changed dramatically over the past decade. With new demands for high-speed networking and communication, even the most basic office building has transformed into a busy IT environment practically overnight. Office managers and architects must now plan to design office space that not only accommodates the people who work there each day, but the numerous connections and equipment that each individual employee must use in order to do their job. Some of the most common demands that office managers face today include… Continue reading

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