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  • Get Organized to Increase Home Office Productivity

    If you are interested in getting your home office organized for the new year there are several things that you can do to make it happen. Here are a few organization tips for you to use that will help you increase production and focus.

    Colour code your files

    Having a home office means that you will often include both your personal and occupational information in one location. While that is a good way to keep all your important documents in one place, it can be difficult to keep everything separated unless you have a good system to work with. Using coloured tabs or folders to separate your papers can provide you with instant access to your most important files. A system you may want to consider would be Green for Finances, Red for Medical info, Orange for Personal Documents, Yellow for Insurance and Blue for House info.

    Use Containers for Storage

    Store all of your office supplies in containers, baskets, drawers or bins. This will help to keep your office space de cluttered and your many supplies out of sight so that your home office really looks like home. To help you keep track of your important tools you can use a label maker to label each container with its contents so that you will know exactly what is inside.

    Create a Mail Station

    If you are constantly sending out or receiving mail for your personal business then you will need to maintain the control and clutter all these correspondences create. Use a small box or a folder to hold all of your incoming mail and have a separate container for your outgoing mail. You may also want to have a separate place for mail to file, bills, and junk mail to be trashed. As soon as the mail comes in each day, file it into its designated location so that you will not have a stack to go through in the future that will eventually end up taking over your workspace.

    Create a Home Office Planner

    Use a desktop calendar, a planner, journal or simple notepad to organize your daily to-do lists. You may want to use a different note pad for every month and include sections that have contact information for your clients, invoice receipts, and what you plan to achieve throughout each 30 day period. Use this planners a guide to help you through each day or each week and remind you of everything that you need to do. You may also want to have a separate planner for your personal life so that you can keep doctor appointments, upcoming birthdays and other special events separate from your work planner.

    Even if you do not work a regular 9 to 5 job outside the home, your home office should be treated as a real professional area where you keep track of files, communicate with clients and track all of your bookkeeping Use these helpful tips to get your  home business on track so that you can be more productive throughout the new year.

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