Monthly Archives: May 2016

  • 6 Easy Exercises You Can Do Without Leaving Your Desk

    Have you ever asked yourself how many hours a day you spend sitting down? If you have a desk job, whether in an office or freelancing from home, chances are you're not getting the physical exercise we all need if we want to stay healthy. Continue reading

  • Top Tips On How To Decorate Your Office Space

    Let's face it; your office is your second home. It's where you chase business opportunities, fight for a fair share of the market place and last but not least, it's where you pursue your entrepreneurial dreams. Generally speaking, the best offices are places where we balance the comfort of our own homes with the professional image we strive to project. Here are a few helpful tips to fine-tune your existing space to reflect not only your corporate philosophy but also your own personal tastes and character. Continue reading

  • Increase productivity with online collaboration

    Online collaboration tools in office document suites are making the way we process and share data within the business world more effective and allowing us to streamline a multitude of processes.  Many of us are already aware of the innovations available to us and are successfully using them but if you have not yet made the move to online collaborative documents then we have some handy info and tips to help you along. Continue reading

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