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  • How To Get Your Day At The Office Off To A Good Start

    Those first few hours at work can have a significant impact on our productivity levels for the rest of the working day. So it helps a lot if we have a regular morning routine to set us up for a successful day at the office.

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  • Top Tips For Setting Up Your Home Office

    In a recent article on the website, some of the home office industry's most promising up and coming young professionals were asked their advice about setting up a home office. Read on to find out what these movers and shakers had to say about furniture, decor and just about everything else you and I would never even have thought of! Continue reading

  • 5 Worst Work From Home Jobs

    The reasons we work from home are many and varied. Some of us enjoy the flexibility. For others it's the financial freedom. Or perhaps it's a simple case of necessity; if for example we can't find a job locally or maybe we have a spouse in the military and we frequently change location, working from home can seem to be an ideal solution. But a recent study has shown that half of the telecommuting or flexible job opportunities on the Internet are scams. That's 1 in 2. And this is a huge problem for anyone looking to earn money by working from home. Continue reading

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