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  • 7 Work-from-Home Jobs That Really Pay

    Work-at-home opportunities have always been popular. Twenty years ago, the back pages of newspapers and magazines were filled with adverts looking for mystery shoppers, homemade crafting enthusiasts, medical invoice jobs and of course, the now infamous envelope-stuffing venture.

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  • A Brief History of Office Design

    Office design has come along leaps and bounds. Gone are the smoky, stuffy, windowless rooms of the fifties. Offices these days are all about fun and well-being. Supposedly. But even if your workplace doesn’t yet resemble the creative playgrounds of Silicon Valley, you are still enjoying the benefits of a rich history of office design and development. Even if it doesn’t feel like it when you walk through the door on a grey and gloomy Monday morning. In this article, we’re taking a look at how it all started.

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  • How to Quit Your Job in 4 Easy Steps


    If you’re looking for office furniture, chances are that you’re either your own boss already, or you work for a boss who is generous enough to let you choose the furniture. But there is a third option; perhaps you are thinking about leaving your job and starting a business from your own home office?

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  • Does Television Influence our Career Choices?




    Do you know how many lawyer, doctor and cop shows there are on TV? Neither do I. But one thing is certain--there are a heck of a lot of them. And it’s these shows that could be the deciding factor when we come to choose our careers. A recent study by Rutgers University in the US involved volunteers watching around 200 episodes of TV shows to determine how much influence the shows had over the career choices of teens and young adults. The study took place over 12 months and involved two undergraduates and one graduate from the School of Communication and Information, plus four students from the School of Arts and Sciences. Not surprisingly, the students found that the most popular characters on our TV screens invariably belonged to three professions; police, medicine and law.

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  • How to Turn Your Hobby Into a Work At Home Career



    Someone very wise once said that if you find a job you really like then you’ll never work another day in your life. So what better way to build a career than by working on something you have always enjoyed doing? Working from home is becoming an increasingly popular option for people who want to earn money but also like to spend lots of quality time with their families. And for those of you who have learned or taught yourself a particular skillset by following a hobby you love, the opportunities to turn that hobby into a career have never been better.

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  • 6 Tips for Making Your Small Business Mobile

    Today’s entrepreneurs appreciate just how powerful a tool technology is and how it can help small business owners do some pretty amazing things. The latest technology can improve productivity, help streamline our businesses and enable us to advertise our products in exciting ways. And when used correctly, it can save us a lot of money.

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