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  • 12 Ideas for Creating the Perfect Work-from-Home Office Space

    There are so many people working from home these days that a home office has become almost an essential space in a lot of homes. But not everyone has a big budget for decorating, renovating, converting and outfitting a once unused space into something resembling a professional office. No worries. We're here to help. Below are a dozen hints, tips and ideas for creating your own comfortable, practical and productive home working space without breaking into too much of a sweat or busting your budget:

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  • 5 Key Traits to Help You Get Promoted at Work

    Are you someone who has been working at the same company for a while? Are you trying to develop your personal brand to get noticed for a promotion? Or are you still not sure what it takes to move up to the next level? Then this article is for you. We'll be sharing key traits to help you get that promotion, plus some other information that can help you climb the corporate ladder.

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  • Here's Why You Should Be Mentoring Your Millennial Employees

    Lauren is a millennial. Her ambition is to become a top executive before she reaches her fortieth birthday. Through her work as an administrative intern supervising two hospital departments, by networking, and studying (and completing) a dual MBA/MHSM degree, she hopes to land an associate managerial job where she will become eligible to be fast-tracked for a leadership program. In her spare time, Lauren also teaches exercise classes at various gyms. Her passion, she says, is to empower young adults to pursue a healthy and fulfilling life.

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  • How to Choose the Best Screens and Desk Partitions for Your Office

    Anyone who has ever run any kind of business operation will know that the job comes with a bucket load of different responsibilities and duties. Everything from contacting employees, filling in for absent workers, to being in charge of purchasing the right kind of equipment necessary to keep the business running smoothly, the daily duties can appear endless.

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