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  • Considerations for Your New Coffee Table

    Coffee tables are as much a part of our rooms today as sofas, sideboards, and audio/video units. And there's just as much variety to choose from. If you're thinking about getting yourself a new coffee table, this handy guide will help you consider all your purchasing options.

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  • 13 Workplace Hacks for More Productivity

    The market is full of apps and tools that promise to improve your productivity and up your performance. Some of them are useful, but often all that’s needed are a few tweaks to your habits and surroundings. Do you want to achieve more during the time you spend at the office? Here are a few easy to implement ideas that will have you improving your productivity at work in no time.

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  • How to Spot the Office Narcissist

    Just about every company has one in their workplace, the office narcissist. They are often charming and hard to spot, but ignoring them can be at your peril. Narcissists have the ability to literally invent their own reality around them. Everything has to go in towards maintaining their self-image. But can a high sense of self-worth serve them well?

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  • 5 Office Furniture Purchasing Mistakes to Avoid

    Shopping around for your office furniture may appear to be a relatively easy process. However, there is much more to it than just choosing the items that offer the most comfort and the best looks and a number of factors should be considered if your aim is to get real value for your money. Avoiding these five common mistakes can help you save money, improve work productivity and boost employee satisfaction when buying the right office furniture: Continue reading

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