3 Ways to Make Money With a Blog

If you're already blogging and not making money, or you've thought about blogging in the past, then you might be curious about how it all works and how people are getting paid just for writing articles online. Today, we'll be sharing a few ideas about how you too can make money with a blog.

Generally speaking, there are three main ways you can make money with a blog. These are services, digital products, and affiliate marketing. Let's start with services.


1. Services

The fastest way to make money through your blog is by offering services. These services can be pretty much anything you're at least fairly competent at doing. You could be taking pictures of stock images for other online companies, writing for other websites, web design, or social media marketing. There are lots of different options for services that you can provide to other online businesses or other individuals.


Your blog is a great way to get attention, and for promoting the services you're offering so you can start finding customers. If you're writing a blog with interesting content that people want to read, visitors will come to your website. Then, while they are reading your blog, they can learn about the services you have to offer because either you mention them in your blog or you have a brightly coloured button that says, 'Work With Me!" or something similar.


Whether or not you have a skill right now doesn't really matter. There are lots of skills you can easily learn that people who read your blog will find potentially interesting. If you do already have a marketable talent, the most important thing is that you write a blog post to attract those people who might be interested in hiring your services.


Let's say you are a stock photographer, you might want to write articles that will be attractive to people who make jewellery. They will come to your blog, and they'll discover you can take pictures of their products so they can sell them on Amazon or Etsy, etc. This is just one example of the type of content you want to put on your blog to attract an audience who could be in need of your particular services.


2. Digital Products

The second quick way to make money via your blog is by selling digital products. These are any products that are not tangible, and you can sell online. They can include ebooks, audio files, templates, pictures, or e-courses.


One of the really good things about digital products is that they are very easy to scale. This means that it doesn't cost you anything to create more of the same product. There's no need to invest in any supplies or inventory. Instead, you just multiply however many you want and keep selling them. So, once you've spent those initial few hours, days, or weeks coming up with a product, you can basically sell it 'forever,' without causing any further costs to yourself or your business.


A popular e-course could be a course teaching email marketing, or perhaps how to use Photoshop or a Word or Exel program. Ebooks of the 'how-to' kind are always good sellers, especially in the weight-loss and dating niche' but generally speaking, as long as you are creating something that provides your readers with something that adds real value to their lives, you really can't go wrong.


3. Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is when you are selling someone else's product, and you get a commision. For example, Amazon has an amazing affiliate program that allows you to refer people to buy any product on their website and they will pay you a commision. Honestly, the commision is not great for Amazon products, but you have to remember there are literally thousands of affiliate programs online, some of which can pay as much as 50% of the product value in commision.


Affiliate marketing can earn you money in a couple of ways. The easiest way is to have a banner ad on your blog, so if someone clicks on it they get taken directly to the affiliate website. Another way is by giving out affiliate links in places like online forums, on Facebook group pages or in the comments section of youtube videos. The trick here is to be subtle and not come across as a money-grabbing spammer, or you will get banned.


A third method is when a company has a big product launch, or someone is releasing a new course or a new service, and they ask you as a blogger to be a part of it. This will most probably take a little time, but when you start making a name for yourself in the blogging circles, and your readership grows, it's not uncommon for companies to reach out to you to help promote their events. In this case, you get one big paycheck instead of the small, but steady trickle you can earn with the other types of affiliate marketing.


Selling your products, your services, and signing up for an affiliate marketing program are the three main methods of making money through your blog. But there are other ways. Some people put a lot of ads on their blog page, and they earn money through a pay-per-click system. Others dedicate their entire blogging lives to writing product descriptions and product reviews. To name just a few.


Regardless of which direction you decide to follow along your blogging journey to make money, the most important thing is to be consistent. Nothing is worse than arriving at a blog page to discover the owner hasn't posted anything for the past three weeks or so. Remember, your blog is your online presence, a manifestation of your persona on the Internet. Your goal is to attract visitors to your blog and to keep them coming back time and time again. Do that, and the money will follow, one way or another.



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