8 Secrets from the World's Most Famous Workplace

Pretty much every government building ever constructed has secret rooms and exciting details the general public are not allowed to know. But there is also a great deal about the most famous workplace in the world that remains shielded from the curious eyes of outsiders. Here are eight intriguing facts about the White House that until now have remained closely guarded secrets. And after reading our list, be honest with yourself, would you really want to work there?

1. When New Management Transition is Hell

Presidential transition in the US is an enormous undertaking. While the rest of the world watches with bated breath as the new President is sworn in, staff within the White House are frantically running around getting everything done and out of the way before the new boss takes up occupancy of his 'humble abode.' The moment everyone has left to attend the inauguration ceremony, the incredibly industrious staff get to work. It might seem like an impossible task, but in just six hours they manage to change the entire interior of the White House. But don't think that the staff consists of a few maids who dust the furniture and change the sheets, the White House interior undergoes a top to bottom make-over, including the Oval Office, the Presidential living quarters, and every one of the 132 rooms, of which 35 are bathrooms.


2. When Your Boss Rings the Changes

Just like the furniture, decorations and linens, the actual jobs of individuals employed at the White House change ever four to eight years, depending on which President is in charge. Working in the White House is undoubtedly rewarding, but it would take a special kind of employee to cope with all the stress that comes with a position within these hallowed walls. For most people, beginning a job at the White House involves an entire career change, and with each new President comes a new family, new likes and dislikes, new rules, and new bosses, managers and coworkers who all have to learn to get along.


3. When Your Office is a Museum

Let's face it, the entire building is an historical monument, so discovering that the inside is most definitely museum-like should come as no surprise. The White House has a small army of curators whose sole job is to keep tabs on every item of historical value. From simple chairs and tiny candlesticks to priceless works of art, everything has its place in this giant mansion. The curators also have the unenviable task of explaining to the new First Family that they should take extra care not to let their kids or pets break anything remotely irreplaceable.


4. When You Can Go Shopping in the Office Basement

There is a shopping centre underneath the White House. It may be quite common to see the President and his staff shopping while abroad, but no one ever sees him or a member of his family popping into a shopping mall in the United States. The reason for that is simple; they don't have to. The underground shopping centre is reported to sell some of the best and trendiest clothing in the world, and it also supplies services such as a carpenter, a florist, and even a dentist.


5. When Temporary Becomes Permanent

It was President Roosevelt who first decided he wanted to keep his family life separate from his daily work routine. To this end, he had an entire new wing constructed. Initially called the Executive Office Building, it was supposed to be temporary, but when William Taft took over as President in 1909, he liked the building so much he not only kept it but remodelled and enlarged it too. Taft personally drew up the plans for the redesign of what became known as the West Wing, and by so doing he changed the shape of what is today probably the most famous workplace of all, the Oval Office.


6. When Your Boss is a Joker

When we consider the gravity of the job they do, it may come as a surprise that some Presidents are known for pulling pranks on the incoming man. These practical jokes have been known to cause actual damage, like the time Bill Clinton's staff removed the 'W' key from every keyboard in the White House, left lewd messages, and glued multiple office drawers shut. All of this so-called levity cost about $60,000 to repair. When it was time for Clinton's successor, George W Bush to vacate the Oval Office, his staff disconnected and stole internal telephone wires and left a threatening note that said, “We'll be back.”


7. When Your Office isn't The Original

It is arguably the most important building in the US, but the White House, no matter how prestigious it looks, is just a copycat. The design for the President's home mirror blueprints of Leinster House in Dublin, Ireland. The architect of the White House, James Hoban, was also Irish, so it's not difficult to see where he got his ideas. But considering that Leinster House once housed the Duke of Leinster, and is now the seat of parliament, Holby's borrowed design would seem to be a good choice.


8. When Your Boss' Food is Double, Triple Checked

Okay, so this probably isn't that big a secret. You may have noticed that we never hear of assassination attempts on the President via poison in his food. Which doesn't mean to say that it never happens. The man is probably the most influential politician in the world, and as such he receives a lot of gifts from all around the globe. But in the case of food presents, the entire meal, including the drink has to make it through several rigorous checks before he can take one small bite or even the tiniest sip.






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