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  • 4 Strategies for Dealing with a Micromanager

    For a lot of employees, dealing with a micromanager is one of the most frustrating issues they face in the workplace, often on a daily basis. Micromanaging is a leadership style that involves intense oversight, and can often come across as a lack of trust. And while a short period of scrutiny and close mentoring is acceptable, especially if you've just started a new job, micromanaging over extended periods can have a seriously negative impact on your performance and motivation. But before we can answer the question of how you can deal with a micromanager, we should first look at what the term 'micromanager' really means.

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  • Choosing a Business Laptop in 2020

    Choosing a new business laptop can be a tricky decision. Laptops are not as flexible as desktops PCs, so once you’ve made your choice, you’re stuck with it. Laptops don't allow for many adaptations; they may not perform as well as you expected, there may not be enough ports, or the keyboard just isn’t comfortable. It’s not possible to just change the things you don’t like as you can with a desktop. You can upgrade the RAM or change the screen, but customisation options are limited.

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  • Healthy Snacks to Eat at Your Desk

    It can be difficult to eat healthily at work, particularly when your co-workers are constantly munching on bags of potato chips and bars of chocolate. Worse still is when doughnuts and pizza are ordered in as a special treat for the entire office! In some offices, we even have to face the daily temptation of vending machines full of sweets and soft drinks. To help you stay on track, we’ve put together some ideas for delicious, long-lasting, healthy snacks to keep in your desk drawer at work, without even having to use the office fridge.

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  • How Rituals and Routines Boost Your Productivity

    How much impact do our daily routines have on us, really? Routines affect our productivity for the day and even how we progress in our careers. They affect our physical health, mood and our overall wellbeing. “We are what we repeatedly do,” is an often heard slogan. But is it true? Research shows that habits fuel around 40% of what we do every day. Habits are those unconscious schedules that we’ve accumulated over time.

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  • Employee Performance Conversation 101

    Annual performance reviews are rapidly becoming a thing of the past. Today's companies are replacing these old fashioned assessments with much more frequent 'performance conversations.' But as this method of monitoring becomes the norm, ways of keeping track of the conversations is important too. Here's our quick 101 guide for managing your next performance conversations. Continue reading

  • How to Use Different Management Styles in the Workplace

    Managers play a critical role in the success and wellbeing of employees and ultimately in the strength of a company. No matter how skilled the employees are, they still need good managers to direct and mentor them.

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  • A Buyer’s Guide to Office Filing Cabinets

    It’s interesting to see that despite changes in technology and office design, the classic filing cabinet has remained a tried and trusted staple. Things may have changed in the way that data is stored, but there will always be a need for paper documents. Filing cabinets are your best and most secure option for storing those hard copies.

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  • How Introverts Can Function Better in an Office Environment

    Today's workplace seems to be geared towards extroverts. Outspokenness, self-confidence, and interpersonal communication are encouraged and admired. And because this style of interaction has become mainstream, introverts often feel overlooked and misunderstood. But they can be just as productive and innovative as their loud and confident counterparts.

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  • 11 Tips on How to Make Your Business Meetings Run Smoothly

    A lot of us dread the office meeting. They are an unwelcome interruption when we're busy with work projects and racing towards that next deadline. They also mean that we have to be in the same room as that annoying manager or co-worker we’ve been trying to avoid. But meetings also allow teams to get together to determine goals and to establish who is responsible for each task. This makes business meetings a necessary evil, and a crucial method of communication between management and employees. We can all agree that the best kind of meeting is a short and efficient meeting, so we’ve put together eleven tips on how you can keep your next meeting running smoothly.

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  • A Manager’s Guide to Creating Trust in the Office

    Trust is vital if you’re looking to create a group of personnel that works together amicably and productively. Employees who have trust in you as a manager and in your company as a whole will be motivated to ensure that it prospers. A trusting relationship is built and maintained at work step by step with each action you take. It’s cemented with every interaction you have with a staff member. Trust can be a fragile thing, but over time it can be strengthened. Continue reading

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