How to Know When It's Time to Buy Office Furniture

There comes a time in the life of every business owner when he or she asks themselves, "How will I know when it's the right time to buy new office furniture?" In this article, we're going to provide some tips and hints to make answering that question just a little bit easier.

Moving your business


Perhaps you're moving your business to a new building? Maybe you'd like to convert your premises into an open plan office? Or has your existing office furniture simply outlived its reasonable lifespan? If any of these circumstances apply, then it's probably time to buy new furniture.


Thankfully, there are a few options available to you. Instead of replacing your entire furniture stock, try refurbishing and repurposing older pieces and adding a few new items to the mix. But again, there are options. Should you buy brand new or used furniture? Both can provide the best solutions for your situation. Let's weigh up the benefits of buying new furniture against the advantages of repurposing your existing office movables.


The pros of buying new office furniture


This is an ideal opportunity to give your place of work a fresh new look. If you first opened your company doors back in the 1980's when orange was all the rage and avocado trimmings adorned every office bathroom, you'll be doing yourself and your staff a favour by creating a more modern look. And if you often hear your employees complaining about squeaky and uncomfortable chairs, or sticking drawers in antiquated filing cabinets, it's definitely time for an update.


Brand new office furniture is easy to install and incorporate into a growing, changing office environment. You can choose items with up-to-date technology such as desks with charging stations and built-in cabling. And you won't just be making a good impression with your staff; nothing reassures clients and customers more than your plans for future growth. New and potential clients will also appreciate your forward thinking attitude and take comfort from the fact that you have confidence in your business.


The health of your employees matters, too


Of course, buying new furniture can be a significant investment, but it's about a lot more than just making a good impression on staff and clients. There is a health factor involved too.


New office furniture is generally more ergonomics friendly. The lowly office chair may have come a long way over the last few decades, from the squeaky-wheeled, back-breakers, to the improved productivity models with perfect armrests and lumbar support. Purchasing new chairs for your employees is a great way to show them you care not only about profits, but about their health and well being too.


New furniture comes with a warranty


In most small companies, if an armrest falls off a chair or a table leg breaks, it's usually the boss who has to organise the repairs or replacements. New office furniture comes with a warranty that takes all the hassle out of your furniture woes. Usually, all it takes is a quick call to the furniture manufacturer or the supplier, and the problem can be quickly sorted. This gives busy bosses and office managers more time to deal with the really important issues, like winning and retaining new clients or managing lucrative projects.


New furniture is tax deductible


The cost of office supplies, which includes new furniture, can be set against the tax bill of most small companies. The costs can be deducted in the first year, up to a certain amount, or they can be depreciated over time. When in doubt, talk to your tax assessor.


The pros of repurposing existing office furniture


Right off the bat, it saves you money. Which can be a very good reason to stick with the furniture you already have. Considering the cost of a completely new workstation can run into thousands of pounds, multiplied by how many employees require such a workstation, and that's without all the frills. So, cost saving is indeed a major factor.


Reusing furniture is environmentally friendly


These days, the buzzword 'sustainable' has become a mantra not only in the world of business, and we all agree that this is a good thing. It's estimated that up to three million tons of furniture end up in refuse, incinerators, or landfill, and that's every single year. By repurposing your existing furniture, you're making a clear statement about your attitude towards the environment.


Repurposing your office furniture shows your company's commitment to reducing waste and decreasing your carbon footprint by eliminating the need for raw materials and energy necessary to manufacture new furniture.


Your existing furniture is probably healthier


Almost all furniture is produced using VOCs, (Volatile Organic Compounds.) VOCs are released into the atmosphere in the form of gas throughout the lifespan of the furniture. Unfortunately, the newer the furniture, the higher the amounts of VOC released. Exposure to VOCs can lead to problems with the central nervous system, cause irritation in the eye, nose, and throat and might even damage the liver, kidneys.


You can claim points for recycled furniture


If you're working towards an environmental certification scheme, repurposing your furniture will give you points for waste management, resource and material reuse, and the recycling of workspace content. Plus, you'll receive credit for promoting environmental quality for using furniture with recognised lower levels of VOC emission.


All your furniture needs is a touch-up


The fact that your old office furniture is on its last legs is no reason to give up on it entirely. Wood furniture can be sanded and refinished. Couches and chairs can be reupholstered. Everything from wobbly tables to squeaky chairs can be easily repaired. Remember, office furniture is built to last, especially if yours is a little older, so there's no reason why you shouldn't get the most mileage out of it as you reasonably can. And perhaps a lot more besides.

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