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  • Should Pets Be Allowed In The Workplace?

    Hazel Davis lives in beautiful West Yorkshire. She is a freelance journalist who writes regularly for The Guardian, The Independent, Daily Telegraph and Billboard Magazine. Hazel’s work covers a wide range of topics including music and comedy, travel, work and property. In this article she takes a look at the impact and the benefits of allowing pets in the office. Continue reading

  • The Eternal Debate Over Work From Home Mums

    Kim Masters is a writer who works from home. She's also a devoted mother. In an article on the US website 'Parenting', she takes a look at the eternal debate over whether or not mothers who work from home are guilty of neglecting their kids. And she comes up with some remarkable insights into the so-called 'mummy war.'

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  • Creating The Perfect Office

    It could be said that how we behave depends on where we are. But according to psychologist turned writer, Dr. Christian Jarret, there's much more to it than that.

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  • How To Get Your Day At The Office Off To A Good Start

    Those first few hours at work can have a significant impact on our productivity levels for the rest of the working day. So it helps a lot if we have a regular morning routine to set us up for a successful day at the office.

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  • Top Tips For Setting Up Your Home Office

    In a recent article on the fitsmallbusiness.com website, some of the home office industry's most promising up and coming young professionals were asked their advice about setting up a home office. Read on to find out what these movers and shakers had to say about furniture, decor and just about everything else you and I would never even have thought of! Continue reading

  • 5 Worst Work From Home Jobs

    The reasons we work from home are many and varied. Some of us enjoy the flexibility. For others it's the financial freedom. Or perhaps it's a simple case of necessity; if for example we can't find a job locally or maybe we have a spouse in the military and we frequently change location, working from home can seem to be an ideal solution. But a recent study has shown that half of the telecommuting or flexible job opportunities on the Internet are scams. That's 1 in 2. And this is a huge problem for anyone looking to earn money by working from home. Continue reading

  • 10 Things To Avoid at this Year’s Halloween Office Party


    Halloween is rapidly approaching, and we all know what that means: Scary stuff. Horror films. Haunted houses and that feeling in our bellies when we've eaten too many sticky treats. Amongst the myriad things that can scare us this Halloween season (yup, Halloween is officially a season), planning a Halloween office party is probably the scariest. Knowing exactly how to do it can be a real challenge. So, while there are many ways to celebrate the creepy festivities at work, here are 10 things to avoid if we want it to be a success: Continue reading

  • Clerkenwell Office Trends for 2017

    When it comes to Office design, Clerkenwell in the Borough of Islington has created quite a reputation for itself. With more architects and creative businesses per square mile than anywhere else on the planet the area in central London has become a major hub in the design world. In May of this year the Clerkenwell Design Week came to a close and here are some of the trend setting ideas we garnered from the exhibition that could be a huge influence on your future office design.

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  • How to Choose The Right Desk for Your Office

    Choosing the right desk for your office isn't always easy. It depends a lot on how much space is available and how it will be used. But your new office desk is also about you. It is your home base and  your work space, but it can also be an expression of your private domain. Which is why you should take all of your work preferences and habits into consideration and ask yourself a few questions before you part with your hard earned cash for a new one. Continue reading

  • Is Working from Home Really the Right Choice for You?

    For some of us, working from home is a necessity born out of circumstance. Stay-at-home mums and single dads often have no say in the matter. For the rest of us, it's a conscious decision; we clear out the spare room and turn it into an office, or we re-arrange the living room to make space for a desk, a filing cabinet and a computer with a high speed Internet connection. And away we go. “Look out world, here I come!”

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