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  • 3 Top Tips for Working from Home

    In her role as Certified Personal Coach, Amanda Alexander has built up a global reputation by focussing on the development of emotionally intelligent and resilient leaders, while optimising performance and enabling sustainable and fulfilling work/life integration. In an article on the workingmums.co.uk website, Amanda gives potential work-from-homers an insight into what they can expect when they embark on their entrepreneurial path, and she provides a few meaningful tips to help us master the many pitfalls that can slow the pace of a home-working career. Although the article and the website are aimed primarily at work-from-home mums, we a sure there are loads of work-from-home dads out there who could also benefit from her advice! Continue reading

  • Office Design Trends for 2017



    2017 has only just arrived and most of us are breathing a sigh of relief we actually made it to another new year. Others are already looking ahead to see what’s in store for our offices and workspaces in the coming months. We’ve taken a cheeky peek into our crystal ball and this is what see looming on the design/ trend horizon.

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  • How to Work a Desk Job Without Ruining Your Health

    Keeping fit and healthy while working at a desk eight hours a day, five days a week isn’t easy. It means you’re sitting down for huge chunks of your life and if you haven’t already heard, sitting has been hailed as the new smoking. And while that may sound a little over dramatic, the message is more than probably true.


    Sitting down for extended periods of time is possibly one of the worst things you can do for your health. Your circulation suffers, you get hungry, and no matter how busy you might be, your brain gets bored from the lack of movement. And the less you move the greater the risk of putting on weight and without even knowing it you’ll be opening the door to some very nasty and harmful conditions.

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  • Top 10 Tips for More Confidence on Your First Day in The Office

    Starting a new job can be tricky. Of course you're happy to have been recruited and you're probably all geared up and ready to go. But you're also about to meet your new colleagues for the first time, and you might even come face to face with your new Boss. We are all wary of those infamous 'first impressions' and we all want to be at our best—so, here are the Top 10 Tips for getting your first day in the new job off to a superb start. Continue reading

  • How to Create an Ergonomic Workstation

    Anyone who spends hours at a time working at their desk will know how uncomfortable it can get, and by now most of us understand how important ergonomic furniture is for our health. But just how do we set up our workspaces to avoid backache, stiff shoulder muscles and sore necks? Today we are going to take a look at the 4 key components of workstation comfort and safety.

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  • Exploring The Myths and Facts of Working From Home

    In today's society working from home is becoming a more and more common occurrence, with improved technology the physical need to go to an office to work is often diminished and there can be pressure on organisations to cut costs and downsize offices.  In this explore the myths, facts , perks and benefits of working from our own spare rooms.




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  • Productivity In The Office Can Music Help?

    Music is widely recognised as being one of mankind's greatest creative achievements. But can music itself help improve productivity in a busy office environment? The question is worth asking, especially when we take into account how music has become more or less a part of our daily working lives. There is a strange temporal presence about music—it has the ability to embellish time—just as art can embellish space. Continue reading

  • The quick guide to finding cheap office space

    Even when business is going well and you are in a position of needing to expand then finding the right office space can be a daunting task.   If you find yourself having to expand due to falling margins then you can find yourself with the truly difficult task of finding space to expand without breaking the bank. We have collated some of the best tips into our super concise guide to help you find the additional space you need on a very tight budget.  Follow the handy tips below and if you can incorporate just one or two of them into your search you should be ready to move into your new office space in no time. Continue reading

  • How To Stay Calm In A Busy Office

    8 Meditation Techniques For Peace Of Mind And Improved Productivity In The Work Place


    Tom Von Deck is the author of Oceanic Mind – The Deeper Meditation Training Course. He learned meditation at a young age in the 1980’s. Tom allows practitioners to create the customized meditation solutions that they are most compatible with as unique individuals. He also provides all the tricks of the trade that make meditation a whole lot easier for busy people and everyone else. In this blog post, Tom explains 8 techniques that will help us keep a cool head when everyone around us is losing theirs.

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  • How To Organise Electronic Files And Emails

    Much of the information we handle these days comes in electronic form. And there's usually a lot of it. Which is why it is important to keep our heads above the electronic flood and implement a system which keeps our data organised. And even though we're still a long way away from a completely paperless office, most of us still struggle with developing (and sticking to) non-paper filing methods that reflect the technological advances of these modern times. Our inboxes are full—the folders on our PC desktops are in disarray. But it doesn't have to be this way. Organizing our email and electronic files can be quite simple and setting up a a functioning and reliable filing system on our workstations can be done with just a few easy steps.

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