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In the office, your chair should be your right-hand man. It should be comfortable, ergonomic and provide you with the support you need to get you through the day. The right office chair is important, ensuring your back and neck don’t suffer discomfort, your stress levels aren’t unnecessarily increased and you feel motivated to take on your workload while also matching your office desk. Your chair should be a great assistant, not belong in the firing line.

Order Office Furniture have a great collection of unique office chairs suitable for both home and business settings. Whether you need more space, require armrests with height and position adjustability, need an adaptable swivel base that allows effortless movement to other parts of your office or wants a chair that simply looks more dignified, you’ll find that superb office chair with us.

We have over 500 office chairs to choose from, in colours as varied as beige, blue, green, brown and black. You can find chairs with full recline, back rake adjustment, knee tilt adjustment and seat height adjustment among other useful elements, and you can choose whether your chair has arms, or not. You can even select your chair’s material from many comfortable choices, such as leather, fabric, suede and mesh.

The Benefits Of A Good Office Chair

  • Provides lumbar and pelvic support taking the strain off your muscles.
  • Preventing headaches, exhaustion and slouching.
  • Comfort, aiding concentration and the ability to work effectively.
  • Increased productivity and the strength to work those long days.

All our office chairs are available to buy online. We will happily help with chair installation, offering an effective and friendly service, no matter whether your office is on the first, or twelfth floor. If you have seen a chair you’d like, don’t hesitate to contact our team here at Order Office Furniture via our online form or on 0800 055 6209. We look forward to aiding you with your seating needs.

Office Chairs

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