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In your office, your chair has the potential to evoke the sought-after qualities that put you in charge. Sophistication and style that impresses, durability even under the most difficult of situations, and the willingness to help, no matter the employee or client level. A leather chair can embody these characteristics and more, denoting a leader whose expertise and ability is admired. A subtle yet effective way to make your position known, your new leather chair will be an excellent addition to your office.

Order Office Furniture has a large and impressive variety of high-quality leather office chairs suitable for both domestic and commercial settings. Whether you want knee tilt adjustment for additional lumbar support, seat height adjustment to prevent limb pain or arms for improved shoulder comfort, we’ll ensure you find your perfect leather office chair with us.

We also stock a range of faux leather chairs that are just as beautiful and effective as the genuine article.

We have over 150 leather office chairs to pick from, in colours as remarkable as beige, brown, black and white. We stock styles including chesterfield, boardroom and tub sure to make any executive feel fantastic, or any visitor, colleague and client feel welcome and appreciated. You can find chairs with back rake and height adjustment, as well as full recline for complete comfort. Lacquer wood, chrome or matching leather armrests and bases create quite the striking finish.

The Benefits Of A Good Leather Office Chair

  • Hard-wearing as resistant to cracking, colour-loss, stains and sagging.
  • Denotes class, power and authority.
  • Effortlessly works in any office environment.
  • Does not store dust, dirt or allergens and so is hypoallergenic.

You can easily purchase any of our leather office chairs online. Should you need help with installation, our friendly and professional team will happily help, even if your office is at the top of the building. If you have seen a great leather chair you would like, please contact our team here at Order Office Furniture via our online form or on 0800 055 6209.

Leather Office Chairs

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